MAC Groundwork + Honey Lust = ? this eye combo
In addition to a few of the requisite “adulting” things I have to do on Saturday mornings, like starting the laundry, watering the plants, getting breakfast started, administering lurvies to my feline overlord, etc., sometimes I really get to slip in some actual fun.

Like today, I played around a bit with a new eye makeup technique I’ve been loving lately.


And, yes, I recognize that I modification favorites sometimes multiples times each day (haha), however as of meow it’s my new preferred eye makeup technique in the whole wide world!

I was influenced by this Instagram video from Alev Karsli, a MAC artist from Istanbul (not Constantinople), Turkey. She does a subdued bronzed glam look on a design that I don’t look anything like at all, however I truly liked the method she used.

You take matte taupe MAC Groundwork paint Pot cream shadow, add a few drops of Mac necessary Oil, mix them together with a brush, as well as apply that directly to your lids.


Bluza kotów i makijażu ??

42 USD

Kupuj teraz

The MAC paint Pots are dense cream shadows, as well as the oil thins them out a little, making them creamier as well as easier to blend. Plus, the oil adds a subtle glossy surface that just looks gloriously natural.

What a excellent idea! I desire I’d believed of it.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. You can then layer something like sparkly golden champagne MAC Honey Lust shadow (permanent line) on top of Groundwork.

Also, if you want to smoke out your lower lash line, line it with great old bronzed MAC Teddy Eye Kohl. Smudge it out, then blend shimmery copper Amorous Alloy right on top.

Smokey! That’s MAC Teddy Eye Kohl with Amorous Alloy on my lower lash lines.

After I hop off the computer, I believe I’m gonna smoke this out a bit more, since you understand the old saying, “French toast tastes much better when you’re using a smokey eye.”

Czekaj, co? That’s not a saying…? Well, it should be, don’t you agree?

In other news, here’s some beauty news that caught my (smokey eye) this week…

Although I haven’t bought anything from Athleta in a minute since I’m currently saving $$$ to send Connor Claire to MIT (hey, I can dream… Mars or bust!), I’ve always liked that they cater to women w każdym wieku.

Makeup enthusiasts are worried that the upcoming iphone X facial recognition won’t acknowledge them without their makeup.
While we’re thinking about the complex techno-social ramifications of this extremely vital detail…what if you have an similar twin?? will he or she be able to unlock your phone? Or might one utilize makeup prosthetics to impersonate somebody else as well as unlock their phone? Also, you just understand that somebody available is going to gown up like Stephen King’s It as well as utilize that clown’s deal with for their facial recognition.

Do you compulsively bite your nails, twirl your hair or pick at your skin? There’s a growing realization available that so-called repetitive, nonfunctional motor behaviors, as well as the degree to which you engage in them, can show your peace of mind.

Why having a BFF is great for your health

Has backstage beauty lost its luster?

Who’s down for a trip to Japan!? We might go sightseeing, eat ALL THE SUSHI, then go window buying at a few of the hidden, indie boutiques.

“Glass skin” is now a thing in k-beauty circles.

I can’t believe I’ve had so many of these drinks however never paused to question what, exactly, the “essence” is in the La Croix fizzy waters. nobody frickin’ knows!

I believe the beauty market was surprised by exactly how quickly Rihanna’s Fenty beauty dark shades offered out.

For the style enthusiasts: Art-deco glam is replacing Scandinavian great in L.A., as well as I’m ALL FOR IT.

What everything boils down to: it’s all about grit. Angela Lee Duckworth, a instructor turned psychologist, exposes what factor determines whether a trainee will succeed or fail.

I heard this Frank ocean during the season finale of one of my preferred HBO shows, Insecure, as well as I’ve been listening to it very first thing in the morning for the last few days. Lubię to.

I’ve watched as well as re-watched this video more times than I can count, however it keeps cracking me up! The part when Elmo goes SO difficult that his eyes almost autumn off? O MÓJ BOŻE!


Have a exceptional Saturday as well as a wonderful weekend, friend. Do zobaczenia wkrótce.

Twój przyjazny urody urody społeczności,


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